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Montgomery Enterprises, 

family owned and operated  since 2006 Lathrop, CA. 

As a small local family owned business, we strive to make a difference in our lives, as well as in the lives of others.  Our mission is to expand and grow our business.

Founder,  Nathaniel Montgomery, Sr.

Reusable Cable Ties

The Perfect  Tie

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Montgomery Enterprises multi-use bag tie

Nylon cable ties

Reusable cable ties

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Proud to call Lathrop, home

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Montgomery Enterprises


Family owned and operated by the founders, Annie and Nathaniel Montgomery.  Both born and raised in New Orleans, LA., relocated to California in March of 1986  Moved to California with our three children, two boys and one girl.  To make a long story short, we lived in Oakland, CA., for five years, then to Hayward, CA. for eight years.  We moved out to Lathrop, CA., in February of 2000 where we currently reside.  Lathrop, is a small town that's constantly growing.  

Montgomery Enterprises was started in June of 2006, right after I received my very first patent for a game I invented called Seek And Find. Due to lack of working and operating capital, we were not able to reach the masses as planned.  We managed to pick up  a number of California based mom and pop toy and game store retailers, but most of our business came from mom and pop retailers outside of California.  

Currently, we are still selling the game, but have since moved on to our next project, the one on this website, the new Multi-Use Bag Tie.  Another one of my inventions that's patent pending and is selling in over 60 Ace Hardware stores, and 20 Tap Plastics, Inc., stores and counting.  Our goal and mission is to expand our current production facilities outside of our home, where we can actually hire a few people to assist in the production of the product.  We like watching reality tv shows like the Shark Tank, and the Profit, with Marcus Lemonas, where we pick up some very helpful business practices.  Especially with Marcus.  One of Marcus's approach is the 3 P's; People, Product, and Process.  After watching the show for some time, I believe in the 3 P's approach.  Due to our cost to produce our product right here in the United States of America, we want to keep our production right here in Lathrop, CA.  The more our business grow, the more jobs we will create.

If you are a retailer checking out our product and would like to purchase them for your establishment, please send us an email or give us a call to purchase yours at the wholesale price.  Thank you for visiting our site, hope you can see the benefits of using an alternative like the Multi-Use Bag Tie in your daily life.